Her Husband's Wife
David Boone leaves his suburban home for the city, and his wife is to follow in a few days. He takes their trunks with him and registers for himself and wife at the city hotel, telling the clerk she will be with him soon. Later he gets a telegram from her saying that her mother is ill and she won't be able to meet him for a week. That night Annie Robie, a young girl, desperate from want of food, enters his room to rob him. He has just laid down on the couch and succeeds in catching her. She tells him her story and his heart is touched. He tells her to help herself to his wife's clothes and to meet him downstairs in the dining room and he will give her dinner and some money, Downstairs he runs into his Aunt Delia, who has never met his wife, and has come to see her. David tells her he is sorry, but his wife is not with him. Annie, from exhaustion and want of food, faints after she is dressed and a maid hearing the noise, goes downstairs and tells David his wife has fainted, and he has to tell his aunt that he fibbed to her because his wife was ill. He tries to go to her alone, but Aunt Delia insists on going also. Reviving Annie, he gets deeper in the tangle by introducing her to his aunt as his wife. Annie has to make the part good and follow them down to the dining room, David excuses himself and sends a telegram to himself calling him out of town, and when it is delivered in the dining room, tells the women that he is called out of town at once, and that Annie must go with him, thinking to get rid of them both. But he reckoned without the aunt, who persists upon taking Annie with her for a week to her country place, while David is away on business. David does not know what to do, but as he told Annie on the side to get away as soon as possible from the aunt, he has hopes of hearing no more of it. Annie tries to get away, but a hurt ankle brings into her life the aunt's neighbor, Abel Jackson. Their acquaintance soon ripens into love. Meanwhile David gets a letter from his wife, saying she is going to stop off and make the acquaintance of his Aunt Delia. Frantic, he jumps a train to intercept her there. Abel tells Annie of his love, and she, to save herself, tells him the whole story. He gets her to agree to elope with him that night. While she elopes the back way, David's wife arrives by the front way, and the aunt is in for a bad situation. In order to settle the argument, they go to Annie's room and find her gone. Meanwhile, Annie and Abel have been married and at the train meet David. Explanations are made and they agree to go back with him, so that he can square himself. His wife at first refuses to accept any explanation, but with Abel's assistance the mix-up is untangled.

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February 01, 1931

7:00 PM

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