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2019-07-25 7:00 PM Bugsy_Malone_Jr.
2019-07-26 7:00 PM Bugsy_Malone_Jr.
2019-07-27 7:00 PM Bugsy_Malone_Jr.
2019-07-28 2:00 PM Bugsy_Malone_Jr.

1930 November 6, The Beginning!

Members at First Warren Players Meeting
Meredith Coe
Astrid Cowden
William Hill, Sr.
Helen Israel
Byron Knapp
Florence Knapp
S. M. McClure
Paul Messner
Rebecca Schofield (unconfirmed, as she was added to the list after it was typed)
Marion Sleeman
Quinn Smith
Richard Smith
Lalla Steber
Annette Stone
Ella Tybout
James Vessey
Norma Vessey
Gene Walker


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